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1C cushion w/ aset


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1C cushion cut, J color, VS1 (GIA).  This ASET is awfully impressive, particularly for price being <$3k.  I'm not sure what to make of the arrows being black, except that it appears slightly off-kilter in the aset.  Should i believe the large amount of red as it appears fairly comparable to even round brilliant cuts.....I'm setting in in rose gold w/ halo so I think the J color is just fine.  I believe I found my winner :)



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I'll let others comment on the ASET but in terms of setting a J color with a halo, you need to be aware of the relative colors of the diamonds.  Cushions do not reflect as much light as the more symmetrical rounds and thus you are likely to see more body color.  If you set the stone in an existing mounting which is pre-set with fairly standard melee, GH-SI, the melee will face up whiter than your center stone and will effectively make it look darker than it is.  If possible, ask your jeweler to use lower color stones for the halo (and the rest of the ring) so that the contrast will not be as obvious and your stone will be seen in a better light.  This is something we do routinely because we manufacture every ring around the chosen stone but there are many more jewelers out there who never give this a second thought and just use their standard goods.  Obviously, if they use lower standards, this is less of a problem. 😉

Good luck and congrats!

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By the way, speaking specifically to your point of "cushions don't reflect as much light as the more symmetrical rounds and thus you are likely to see more body color," is exactly why I had posted and was curious about this ASET. If the ASET is to be believed, it appears to be that the diamond should appear very bright and not be leaking much light at all which, as you alluded to, for this shape is quite impressive (particularly for the price point under $3K).  And therefore, hide the J color much better than most cushions--particularly in a rose gold setting even if surrounded by a halo of slightly-higher color diamonds.

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Round stones are more symmetrical than cushions when it comes to the consistency of reflected light throughout the stone.  That does not mean this stone is not very well cut, although I would never make that determination based only on the ASET, but my educated guess is that this cushion would show more face-up color than a comparably graded round stone if they were sitting side by side. 

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Brightness has nothing to do with colour: you can have a very bright Fancy Vivid, and a very dark D...

ASET images don't actually tell you whether a stone is bright or not; they tell you where the light that the stone reflects comes from. Generally "overhead" lighting sources (reflected in red) are stronger than "side" sources (reflected in green) hence the general assumption that more red = brighter. The amount of colour perceived face up is to do with the length of the light path and the number of colour centres that the light crosses before being reflected back to your eye; the source of the light is not relevant in this respect.

One of the reasons why I am sceptical w/r to the ASET image is that it is quite consistent with what would happen if one were to push the stone a little bit too far into the ASET cone: the contrast due to head obstructions (should be blue) appears as a window (black) and some areas that would receive "low angle/low intensity" light (green) appear as "high angle/high intensity" (red). Not saying that this is the case here, nor that - if it were the case - it is in any way intentional. But it's easy to see how the image could have arisen, and why the vendor might want to use it as a marketing tool.

FWIW, here is a set of photos of a J colour cushion (which happens to be cut fantastically well, though in a different style than the one you have above): http://www.diamondsbylauren.com/index.php/jewelry/loose-colorless-diamond-44ct-j-vvs1-cushion-brilliant-diamond-gia-r7508

I'm not proposing this as a replacement or as advertisement (apart from being forbidden by forum rules, it really isn't a suitable replacement!!!), but maybe it gives you an idea of how the amount of colour in a J cushion may vary depending on lighting and angle. I'm sure there are other relevant images in the "sold" section of the site too.

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I do get this point and, I too, was skeptical of the ASET. Hence why the post was created.   Nonetheless, I do feel like regardless of the complete accuracy of the ASET that this stone likely has fire and brillance better than the vast majority of most cushion cut stones (at least ones similar in weight and cost).  Color wise, the slight warmth seen in the 0.44 ct you linked I think would actually fit nicely with rose gold and, based on my research, I'm not even sure if going much whiter would really be cost-effective given that the stone will pick up some the color from the setting regardless. 

Given that I know i'm putting the stone in rose-gold, I'm trying to find the best balance given a ~$3k budget for the diamond alone.

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42 minutes ago, STLOUIE said:

regardless of the complete accuracy of the ASET that this stone likely has fire and brillance better than the vast majority of most cushion cut stones

[my emphasis]

Well, the "problem" if you will is that apart from the ASET - which only tells one something about brightness/brilliance, not about fire, and that both you and I think might be inaccurate - there is absolutely no info in the images or the report to confirm OR deny this hypothesis.

If you tell us that you have seen the diamond, compared it with other stones of similar price/size/shape and found you like it better than the others because it's fiery and/or bright and/or you love the number 576 it being the product of your ages when you met and a square number (sorry, just kidding, but these are all perfectly valid reasons), there is absolutely nothing I would say AGAINST you choosing it.

Even if you haven't seen it, it seems very symmetrical in pattern (despite the VG symmetry) and square, and as far as I can tell from one single edited photo it's a lovely stone. Bright? Possibly. Fiery? Maybe. More than most? Who knows.

BTW - one reason why I'm being a bit pedantic about what things are proven and what aren't is because these posts are read by a fair number of people, often in situations like yours, and many of them may not have your critical spirit or skill in interpreting an ASET image.

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The ring has arrived and it is absolutely gorgeous.  More overall brilliance than any cushion I've managed to see in person.  More, in spite of the J color, It faces up totally white and, in the rose gold, any color I might see at different angles simply appears to be the gold color reflecting through (which overall appears great!).  This is my 2nd 'try' after having returned my first stone---the first one was an I color but it's overall brilliance left more to be desired--and I'm very happy with the result. This stone not only appears whiter but also LARGER in spite of overall similar carat size.

I was all set to pony up the cash for a BGD signature cushion but after seeing this one in person, I think I'm fine with what I have. (And saved $1.5K to boot!)

I've attached photos. Unfortunately, I am not at all a photographer and these were all taken with with a camera phone (unfiltered!) indoors with normal overhead lighting.  But in spite of the inconsistent color pattern in the ASET, all the arrows do pop and it's sparkly as can be!  







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