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Thoughts on these RB?

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9.34-9.38-5.61       3.02ct                                   9.92-9.98-5.89   3.52Ct

D 59.9                                                                D 59.2

T 59                                                                    T 59

CA 33                                                                 CA 32.5

CH 13                                                                CH 13

PA 40.8                                                             PA 40.8

PD 43                                                               PD  43

SL 45%                                                              SL 45

LH 75%                                                             LH 75

G Med-SL TH                                                   G thin to med

Culet 0                                                              Culet 0

HCA-?                                                              HCA  1.2

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What kind of thoughts are you looking for?  We don't know color, clarity or price.  Based solely on the data above, both stones are very well cut.  My personal preference but certainly not necessarily my final choice would be for the 3.02.  I find both stones to be on the shallower side and the 3.52 would be outside of my search parameters for that reason.  I like smaller tables and both of these are at 59, which is just beyond what my customers prefer.  The larger table and the shallower depth will give you stones that look big for what they are but will likely not scintillate as much as slightly sweeter dimensions.  Having said this, the preference is entirely personal and you should be able to look at both stones side by side and compare them to slightly differently proportioned stones to make a final decision.  These are large stones and if you cannot see them in person, then at the very least you should be able to see them next to each other in a video to make an informed decision.


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If you think the missing HCA score will be useful to you (I have my doubts), you can calculate it yourself for free at

Given that we're missing most of what people count as important in a diamond purchase, or even if these are diamonds or a purchase, I don't have much else to add.

Neil Beaty



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