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Hello, Questions about a ring

Karah Findly Sullivan

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I inherited this ring from my grandmothers estate. It was in a suitcase a long with some other old jewelry and news clippings of when President Lincoln was assassinated. We are not sure how many generations the ring has been passed down. I just had it cleaned and was wondering what type of design/style this is and the approximate value. Its is marked 14k.

Thank you so much in advance for any information on this beautiful ring. 







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It looks like a ring from the 1920s, but those design motifs were used also in the 1950s, and the larger diamond's cut seems quite modern; the photos are good, but there is no replacement for having the item in one hand and a loupe in the other.

Value - much longer conversation. Value for whom, where, doing what? (One thing is wanting to replace or replicate it, one thing is wanting to sell it).

ETA: if you need to take more photos and you want to use pliers to hold the ring, put a couple of rounds of decorators tape (or duct tape) around the pliers' jaws; it will prevent scratching!

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Value can be a complicated question and it really requires both a physical inspection of the piece and a conversation with you.  If you can tell me where you are, I"ll be happy to try and recommend an appraiser nearby.  This is a somewhat different question from the typical 'replacement new retail' type of appraisal and I recommend a pro rather than just someone who works in a jewelry store.

As mentioned above, this is NOT an 1860's piece although that would be a really fun find.

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