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Diamond ring for sale


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I am not sure if this is the best place to put this request, but I have a diamond ring to sell that was bought for around £10 000. Where would be the best place to try to sell something like this and what would it be likely to realise?
You can contact me via

WhatsApp +1(765)560-5168

       Thanks in advance

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There's a section of this very site where you can post your advertising.  Free. 

I've written on this topic quite a bit and at length.  I'm not entirely sure if I"m allowed to link to this but here's a brief tutorial from my own site on the topic. 


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@denverappraiserNeil - I think one of the links you pasted was a "clipboard leftover" from some other thread...

@slickamannI think this is what Neil intended to post:


To your second question, other than agreeing with what Neil has written, I can only add that the buying price is not useful to determine how much it could sell for; a more precise description of the object may at least help us help you with some very rough steering, though (as explained in Neil's write-up) to get a reliable assessment you need someone to actually look at the thing (and you need that someone to be an expert working for you).

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