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Thinking of selling the diamonds I bought

Mantepse Poios

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Hello everyone,

A few years ago I bought 10carats of small loose diamonds. It's 5carats 0.03ct (200-210mm) H VS1 round and 5carats of 0.03 (200-210mm) H SI1 round.

I bought them so I can make some tennis bracelets out of them but unfortunately I don't have the time nor the name to sell them. I want to sell them but the company I bought them from won't buy them back. Anyone have any suggestions or places I can sell them?

Thank you

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Talk to whoever you were going to use to sell them as bracelets. They may be able to help either in finding a buyer or finding someone to do the work for you (so that they can then sell some bracelets).  Are you in the bracelet business?  If so, why not just hire someone to set them up for you?


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