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Need Help! Diamond Comparison


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I am currently looking at two different diamonds, and need help on which one is best for the price.  The below Diamonds are pretty similar besides the carat of the one being a few points higher.  What I want to know, is which diamond if better not looking at the carat size, but the overall diamond itself.  What would you choose between the two and why?  Which diamond has measurements that will make it even look bigger?

Diamond #1


Price: $6,499



F Color


Girdle: VTN - THN 

Cutlet: SMALL 

Polish : Very Good 

Symmetry : Good

Fluorescence: Faint 

7.61x5.11x3.54 mm 

Diamond #2:


Price: $6,990



F Color 


Girdle: Very thin to Medium 


Polish: Very Good

Symmetry: Good 

Fluorescence: Faint


Thanks for your time!



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You have not given us enough to give you informed feedback.  The grading report numbers from the GIA would be helpful so we could look at the actual diagrams and numbers.  If these stones are not GIA graded, who is grading them?  Is it an independent lab or is it the jeweler?  The dimensions of #2 indicate that it will be the bigger looking one, but it is the bigger stone so that is not really surprising.  And based on the little information you have provided, between these two, I would lean toward #2 as the depth percentage of 63.4% is more likely to give you a better looking stone than the 69.3% of the #1, but again, there is not enough information to make this a valid recommendation.  How tall are the crowns?  What are the angles?  What is the table size?  These all play a critical role in assessing a stone by the numbers.  I would be extremely wary of the "good" symmetry on both stones.  "Good" is not so good.  The vast majority of stones today are cut to Excellent or Very Good symmetry.  The fluorescence is a non-issue as it is only faint.  Very Thin girdle can be a weak point as well.  They are more prone to chipping as the material is so thin.

Can you give us more information?

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Hi Lauren,

Thank you so much for the quick reply.  Sorry to mention, both stones are definitely GIA graded stones.  Diamond #1 is from a small local jeweler in my town, and I have attached as much of the report as I have showing more info on this diamond.  Diamond #2 is from an online site Blue Nile, and below is the link to view the diamond.

 Hopefully this helps you.  I just want to figure out which one would be the best purchase.  I am a little weary of going for Diamond 2 since it is online, but since the cert comes with it it will give me a piece of mind i guess. What are your thoughts of Blue Nile?


thank you,

Anthony DePellegrini


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I don't think the problem with Blue Nile is going to be the report - as in, the information in the report and the diamond will match and you will get an F/VVS2. The real problem is that you have next to no information on cut; the video isn't promising (as Laurent points out, it has extreme contrast and it looks almost completely black at some light/lens/diamond combination of angles).

How did you land on these 2 particular stones? A very quick search on the database attached to this site shows 50 or so diamonds available, so how did you filter them down?


That's before we start discussing whether F/VVS2 is actually a sensible set of requirements for what you are trying to do (for example, a G/VS2 will probably look indistinguishable once set, but it could be cheaper and/or larger...). 😉

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I"m with the above. You are hoping that those 'certs' tell you more than they do.  That's the problem.  #2 is a little bigger. #1 is a little more rectangular.  Both have a symmetry problem and you don't know what either one is. You have no idea which one is going to have the best light return, the best fire, or the best scintillation, best patterning.  You don't even have the girdle outline. I presume the one at the jeweler is on the list because that's the one he/she has, which is a decent enough reason, but how did you pick the other one?

If you've truly narrowed it down to those two, there IS a path. Buy the one from BN and take it down to the jeweler (with an appointment) to compare them side by side.  Go with the one you like the best. Return the BN one if it's not the winner. 

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@David, i searched using all criteria below i found on the linked site when i put in my filters on BN.  That is how i came up with that Diamond.  The first column below is said to be excellent for an emerald diamond. I made sure everything matched up below in my search, and that's how i came up with the diamond from BN.  Every single thing matched up with the numbers below considered excellent.  Only things that were off were the polish and symmetry not being excellent.  I do agree that i could probably go to a step down with a G color and a VS1 and there would probably be no difference.  

@Denver, Diamond #1 i did get to see with my local jewler and it looks very nice as he let me see it under one of those microscopes.  He has been around for 32 years locally, and is my bosses first cousin.  He isn't steering me wrong, i just feel like i can get a bigger diamond possibly or something better for the same price as I do my research. 

thanks to both of you for the replies!


Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor
Table % 61-69 57-60 or 70-72 54-56 or 73-74 51-53 or 75-79 <51 or >79
Depth % 61-67 59-60.9 or 67.1-70 57-58.9 or 70.1-74 54-56.9 or 74.1-79 <54 or >79
Girdle Very Thin – Slightly Thick Very Thin – Thick Very Thin – Very Thick Extremely Thin – Extremely Thick
Cutlet None Very Small Small Medium >Medium
Length/Width Ratio 1.40-1.50 1.30-1.39 or 1.51-1.60 1.20-1.29 or 1.61-1.80 1.15-1.19 or 1.81-1.90 <1.15 or >1.90
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If 'bigger' is your hot button, I would again steer you away from F/VVS2 but didn't you say in your very first post that this wasn't the case?

If you are happy with the jeweler, talk to them about your concerns. Few jewelers, including few internet jewelers, are going to have a lot of inventory on this kind of thing and they are probably able to access to dozens of stones that they can bring in for you.  Possibly even the same stones that you're seeing online.  

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