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Looking for a ring! Help please


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As Davide points out, none of these designs are particularly distinctive or hard to find.  I would say that most retailers, either brick and mortar or online have these designs or something extremely close in our stock of designs.  More to the point, you will find better prices through online retailers as their business model tends to be more competitive.  The downside may be the inability to see the piece with your own eyes before purchasing, but you will save money.  If you are more concerned with seeing the piece or stones in person before purchasing, then your local brick and mortar store may be you best option but there will be a smaller selection of stones to choose from and the prices will be higher.

Ultimately you will be best served by talking to a number of retailers, both locally and online, and finding one you feel comfortable with.  Explain you goals and budget and the jeweler do what they do best. 

Good luck to your brother.


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The gentlemen above have answered the question but might I suggest that it will be an easier hunt to narrow down the requirements a bit. Those rings vary wildly and there are jewelers who will literally have thousands of options like at least one of them. It's like asking about a new vehicle and shopping for a car, or maybe a truck, or a skateboard, or a bicycle.  I haven't decided. What do those cost?

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