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Need advice on this diamond D color VVS1 all excellent

Joseph Tang

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On a VVS1, or really anything above about I-1, there is no way to tell from a photograph if it's the correct stone for the report. It's not all that hard to do but it takes a microscopic inspection by someone who knows what to look for. I would start by looking for that girdle inscription. 

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The best way to verify the match between the stone and the report is to have the stone verified by and independent appraiser who works for you. This means an appraiser who does not have any vested interest in this particular stone and is not looking to sell you one of his (or a friend’s). This may not be easy to find but maybe DenverAppraiser can help you find somebody locally. 

For what it’s worth, at first glance, with an eye that has been doing this for many years, I thought the stone had a slightly larger than ideal table and slightly steeper pavilion angles when I looked at the picture. This was confirmed when I looked at the grading report but what I was seeing could just as easily have been photo effects and is not proof of anything apart from my looking at too many pictures of diamonds. 😉

good luck. 

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