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0.635 ct G SI1 opinion please


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Hi there,

Could you give me your opinion regarding these particular stones?


I am a little concern about the “clouds” inclusion – it looks quite big on the cert so perhaps may impact the visuals or at least its light return performance (I appreciate it is VS2, however). Also, the contract does not seem to be superb – is it, or anything else to be worry about?


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12 minutes ago, Wxr4 said:

Thank you, and what about the proportions or contrast - or shall I focus more on ACA perhaps?

You won't see the difference between this one and an ACA without tools.

6 minutes ago, Wxr4 said:

so, sounds to be a good choice within this price tag?

perfectly reasonable.

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OK. Thank you all for great and invaluable advices in diamond search given on this forum for my (or more, my lady) dream engagement ring. After some discussion with the colleagues I think my final vote will go to this certain stone, however, I would be grateful if you can still take a final look / sanity check and give me your thoughts,

Espeically as it seems to be a good offer in terms of the 4C and the price tag, even comparing to the other non-premium sellers and it seems to be there since May 2017 (cert issue date - what may be a little strange if it is indeed a remarkable bargain).


Here as its HCA


I wanted to get the best possible cut (I see this one is not an ACA, but as WF mentioned it is due to the fact that some hearts have clefts, however also AGS0 may be little far from ideal). The eye-clean clarity (or very close to, but good enough for unexperienced eye) and color that will work just fine with yellow ring setting and white gold prongs (G was not a must). The size was expected to be resultant of the above with budget not exceeding 2000 USD (excl. VAT).

PS. I still do consider these following “I-J” diamonds (https://www.whiteflash.com/loose-diamonds/compare.aspx?idnos=4027048,3981508,3970261,3839999) if the offer above would appeared to not be so great – perhaps heading more to the J ones if that is only one grade lower and 200 USD less than “I” (which is priced similarly to the “G” above) – unless there are no other factors I have missed or should take into account.

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4 minutes ago, Wxr4 said:

it seems to be there since May 2017

Nothing strange with that. WF owns the stone, so they are the only ones marketing it. 18-24 months of turnover on a jewellery item of this type are not bad...

5 minutes ago, Wxr4 said:

Here as its HCA

Which is totally irrelevant at this stage (if it ever was relevant at all)

7 minutes ago, Wxr4 said:

however also AGS0 may be little far from ideal

What exactly does that mean? AGS also uses the label "ideal" for its 0(00) cut grade diamonds (and in fact is one of the few if not the only proper definition of "ideal cut" since most others use the term "ideal cut" to mean "I have it in stock and ideally I want you to buy it; I'll cut you a good deal for me on it").

12 minutes ago, Wxr4 said:

The eye-clean clarity (or very close to, but good enough for unexperienced eye)

I would say that this is totally eye clean. It's pretty difficult to see the inclusions in the ~20x image, never mind in a non-magnified stone, which is what eye-clean (as opposed to loupe clean) means.

15 minutes ago, Wxr4 said:

I still do consider these following “I-J” diamonds

Nothing wrong with any of these - but do go out and look at the colour; a video or photos (especially shot with the techniques WF uses on their site) are NOT good proxies for what those look like. In diamonds of this quality and size any I-J tint will only be apparent (if at all) through the side; some people are bothered by it, others love the warmer colour.

Final point on budget (that may swing the needle towards the J): remember to add 20% or so VAT...

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Thanks for opinions and comprehensive response (I really like “ideal cut” definition😉). I am now almost convinced to go with this stone, but just have one doubt / concern remaining – what it the color deviation on the below images (incl. ASET and Ideal scope) that I marked in red and is it something to be worry about?



Here is the link with ASET and Ideal scope that shows the same: https://www.whiteflash.com/loose-diamonds/round-cut-loose-diamond-3839999.htm

It does not seem to be on the report (especially the one on a table, as the one on 3 o'clock may be be the the left hand side inclusion below?)



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The one at 1 o'clock in the photo is the main cloud (at 9 o'clock in the report plot). The one at 7 o'clock in the photo is its reflection into the pavilion. The stone is rotated by 135 degrees clockwise in the photo vs. the plot.

Bear in mind that the photo is taken with an extremely high contrast technique that will highlight most inclusions, and the stone is scrupulously clean (and unset). Once you have that cloud partly hidden by a prong and you are looking at the stone without a loupe (or in a magnified static photo, which is even "worse"), that will be totally invisible.

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Fixed wrong maths!
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