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Real or fake


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Hello all,

I was told low quality diamonds such as, pinks are found in various places such as, the Congo. Can anyone tell me if the below example are fake or real as the description states "natural and untreated". Unless someone tells me Congo and other parts of the world do produce low quality pink diamond, then im guessing these are fake but isn't there laws that prohibit this type of false advertising? 



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Yes, pinks are found in various places in Africa. Most pinks, regardless of geographical origin, come with various clarity defects, not least because the origin of the colour is lattice deformation rather than inclusions/impurities. From that point of view, nothing suspicious.

Whether those stones are a] diamonds b] natural c] untreated and d] something you would want to buy are completely different questions. Yes, there are laws, rules and regulations (including eBay's own internal rules and policies) against false advertising, but that doesn't stop people from doing it.

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Unfortunately there is nothing in the description of that can help us respond with any certainty to your question regarding the genuineness of this stone.  As Davide says, pinks are certainly found in Africa and highly imperfect stones are common enough.  Ebay has rules and regulations to protect the buyer but if there is a will, there is always a way to falsely advertise.

Having a grading report from a reputable lab, may be a good way to restore confidence.


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Claims made on ebay are exactly that.  Claims. This doesn't make them wrong, but it doesn't make them right either. Claims about country of origin are especially questionable since none of the major labs even attempt this. Take it for what it's worth.
Are they natural? Who knows? There's no way to tell from a photograph but most very low clarity diamonds ARE natural. Are they untreated? Same answer, but I would add that they don't even claim this. They call them unheated. That's not the way they treat diamonds anyway.  

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You are starting her off on an expensive path... 😉

Depending on whether her interest is mainly for the "pretty sparkly gem" or whether it's a more serious attitude to understanding minerals and gems from a scientific point of view, you may also want to consider coloured CZ. A small fraction of the cost of diamonds, much clearer and often better cut - and they come in all colours, shapes and sizes (great success for a few weeks with my kids, then they completely forgot about them, but the cost for 30 ct of stuff was $25!)

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