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Is this a good diamond/ good deal?


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I’m looking st buying a ring for my girlfriend and hopefully soon fiancé. The diamond bellow is the one I’m currently looking at, it’s priced at $28,660. It has a cloud in it, I’m wondering if that will impact its sparkle/ will it be noticeable to the naked eye?


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I’ve been shopping around at most of the big stores. This one is from Nordstrom’s. I’ll continue to shop but what I’ve found on bluenile (I’m sure there are other online stores out there with better prices) is similar to with what I have found in brick and mortar stores. 

Is there an online retailer that is better than others? I feel hesitant spending so much online with out knowing the store’s reputation. 

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It depends a bit on what you mean by "better".

Blue Nile is the largest; James Allen has typically more information on the stones it sells; B2C is usually very aggressive on price. All three are large and somewhat anonymous and don't provide the personal attention and level of service that others can give - sometimes with an emphasis on "extreme" cut quality (e.g. Brian Gavin, Whiteflash), others on advice and "good, old fashioned" customer service (e.g. Diamond Ideals, Excel Diamonds and even - erm - us at Diamonds by Lauren). These are the first half dozen US-based names that come to mind - not an exclusive list or even an endorsement. Many of these are active on this forum, as are or were other perfectly reliable and honest dealers.

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Wonderful, thank you for the information! I’ve noticed that there are “better” cuts out there. I saw that bluenile calls their top cut Astor is it worth the price increase? 

Also ive selected different diamond let me know what you think about how it will look based upon its dimensions. I don’t know what to look for as far as what a good cut should be and a very good cut. 

The diamond below is 29k from bluenile. My thoughts are to reduce the size and get a better cut while staying in the sma e price range. I don’t know if the Astor cut is worth the money. Will there be a noticeable difference between a smaller 1.7ish Astor compared to this 1.8c excellent cut. 





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The "Astor" line seems to be a pre-selected range from "commercially available" well cut diamonds. You can probably find equivalents without necessarily paying a premium (which branding usually carries), but every stone has to be assessed on its own merits.

Between the two you have posted, in my opinion (and it's only my opinion, reflecting my taste) I'd get the one from Nordstrom. I don't like large tables and low crowns.

Personally, I'd rather let go of D and VVS2, keep or even increase size and get a better cut F-G/VS2. Maybe something like this one: https://www.jamesallen.com/loose-diamonds/round-cut/2.06-carat-g-color-vs2-clarity-ideal-cut-sku-3448696

Your priorities may well be different, but without knowing why D and VVS are important for you, it's difficult to advise.

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I really just want the shiniest diamond I can afford. It’s going to be just one solitary diamond on the ring. That is the initial goal, secondly it would be to get a high quality diamond that can become a family heirloom. Something that will retain its value over time. 



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Shiniest = best cut. Colour and clarity are largely irrelevant in that respect, certainly over the range we are discussing (D-G and VVS-VS)

Quality - as above; It will become a heirloom because it was yours and hers, not because of its intrinsic qualities.

In terms of value retention, no diamond - or indeed piece of jewellery - will perform particularly well, but again D vs. G or VVS vs. VS will retain value similarly. A 2 carat is for many preferable to a smaller D colour, and it might be easier to resell if it ever came to that.

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