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my mother wants me to sell a dimond ring can you help me find out what it's worth

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diamond  1.25 carats round brilliant  medium to very thick  faceted good polish fair to good symmetry  VS-2  nil graining color grade J  faint blue.

diamond grading report GIA

could some one help me find out what the value of this diamond is

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Value can be very subjective.  The easiest was to figure out a ball park is to go onto  the Diamond Finder (linked above) and do a search for similar stones.  This will give you the cost of buying something comparable today.  Selling such a stone will be a little trickier.  There are immediate questions about the overall make of the stone (very thick, fair polish, good symmetry) that any buyer is going to take into consideration.  Neil Beaty, a professional appraiser in Denver, has written about this several times in this forum as well as a guest blog on my site (I can post the link if requested).  It's worth the read.

Laurent George
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There are several issues at play, only a few of which you have given. Some of the biggest are missing.

What’s your sales strategy?  This tends to be the biggest issue. Resale values have as much to do with the buyer as the seller.  A pawn shop won’t pay as much as a retail consumer (usually) but it’s a whole lot easier, faster, and safer.  There are as many different paths as there are sellers and you are part of this. Is speed important? Are you willing to invest in advertising and updated lab papers? What's your risk tolerance like? Do you consider yourself to be a good salesperson?  Have you spoken to an appraiser about this?

What’s the date on that report?

Does it contain a cut grade?  If so, what is it?

Are you sure it's GIA (I"m pretty sure they don't give a range in their symmetry grades. They also don't usually include a color on reported fluorescence of 'faint')?

As mentioned above, I’ve written quite a bit on this topic both here and elsewhere. Do a search on the site for my posts or google my name and I suspect you’ll find quite a bit. I think it’s against the rules here for me to give you a link to my own material offsite but others can if they want.

In direct answer to your question, yes, I do this all the time. I make a living at it. If you're not in the Denver area, I accept work by Fed Ex and USPS or I can possibly refer you to someone in your area if you'll include where you are.

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Neil Beaty



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