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Fake Diamond?

Aimee TC

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Hi guys,

I was gifted n this ring by a Pilot who married a friend I was working with on a cruise ship in exchange for gifting her my wedding dress.

He said he won it in a poker game and wasn't sure of its authenticity, they were going to use it as the wedding ring however they decided there wasn't enough sentimental value.

2 years on I just found this in the draw again and am curious whether there is more to this ring then it being a fake worth nothing, could this be a simulent, glass, crystal or cubic zirconia? 

I took it into a jeweler earlier today and without even taking it out of my hand  he wrote it off as not real, but if its not a diamond what kind of stone is this!!??! and how could he be sure without looking at it closely?

Thank you for help solving this mystery!

Aimee xoxoxoxo



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It looks very glassy and not particularly like a diamond in the photo, but a single photo (or any number of photos, generally) is not an accurate way to identify or even rule out any particular gem species.

FWIW, if I were to place a bet, I would say sapphire, possibly synthetic. But it could be many many other things. Bring it to a gemmologist if you really are curious!

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It's not generally all that hard to tell but if you don't trust him to tell it to you straight, talk to a real gemologist. There are a lot out there. If you'll tell us where you are I'll try to refer you to a professional appraiser near you. Yes, looking carefully helps and no, a photo isn't enough. 

If we're betting on partial information here, I'll bet against too.  It looks like you have significant wear on the edge of the table, and diamonds don't do that (then again, it may just be an artifact of the photograph).  I think there's a pretty good chance it's real good but that too is a pretty easy test and I'm really just guessing from contextual clues. 

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