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Leo Diamond


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I have a Leo princess cut 3 stone ring (with side diamonds as well) and i need some guidance as far as value of this...

I have all of the Cert, of Authenticity and it reads as follows

Shape/cut - RECT. MOD BRILL*

Measurement- 4.30x3.95x2.95 mm.

weight- EST by Formula 0.43 ct(s)


Clarity SI (1) SI (2)

Polish/ symmetry -good/good

treatment - none

then in the description is says----  ONE 14K&PLAT.RING (approx. 4.2 DWT) STAMP "14k PLAT LSC 3 THE LEO, CONT. 9 NAT DIAMONDS SMB EST.TW. 1.45 CTS, 8 AT 1.02 CT(S) TW, COLOR:F-G, CLA:VS(1)-VS(2), I DESCRIBED ABOVE 




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Get it appraised.


Some good places to look for a local appraiser (in the US) are:

National Association of Jewelry Appraisers www.najaappraisers.org

American Society of Appraisers www.appraisers.org

American Gem Society www.ags.org

If you'll tell us where you are, we may be able to help. Are you looking to insure this, sell it, buy it, or something else entirely?


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You may find it's a difficult issue to find a customer.  Approx 0.43 F/SI2 princess is not likely to get a lot of enthusiasm from the commercial buyers, and used engagement rings (I assume this is an engagement ring), are not big sellers for much of anyone. Normally it's a matter of salvaging the materials to make something else but this is going to depend on design and condition, as well as your own sales skills.  Are you the original buyer? If so, you may be able to make a deal with the jeweler who sold it to you. 

Travel may be required to find a buyer anyway unless you happen to have the right neighbors. 

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3 hours ago, Hali said:

if i just knew which number told me how many carats it was i think i could figure alot out on my own! 

I'm not sure I agree with your statement (for a number of reasons), but the two numbers are

Centre stone 0.43 ct

Side stones 1.02 ct total over 8 stones

Good luck with your sale!

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