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Stanley Diep

Thoughts on this diamond for engagement ring?

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Hi new here, been searching for diamonds the past few weeks and really interested in this one. What's a fair price for this diamond in USD and what do you think of the diamond's proportions?
1.3 ct

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Prices vary quite a bit from one marketplace to the next but here's a list of 84 comps ranging from a bit over $10k to about $14k from a half a dozen vendors. The median price from this group is on the order of $12k. Local stores tend to charge a bit more and offer a bit different sort of services.  These are all US Internet vendors and non-US places are generally a little more.  Don't forget taxes, especially if you're outside of the US.  Sometimes they can be important. 

Proportions are fine. It's a textbook GIA-xxx.

Neil Beaty



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Not much to add to Neil's comments above.

Depending on how important are F and VS1 to you (and/or her), you may be able to trade off on one or both parameters and get a larger stone with no (easily) visible changes to colour and/or clarity.

Davide - Specialised Consumer Information and Assistance,
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