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Hello Guys,

I am just looking to buy an engagement ring. I started to look around and all I was offered were rings already set at amazingly high prices.

Then I found out a couple of places like this website where you get to understand and separate the price of the diamond from the price of the setting.

Being based in Europe, and to avoid any import duties hassles, I was wondering, if you could recommend any seller? I only managed to find Blue Nile.



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Interestingly while I was in Europe this summer, I did a little research on this exact topic.  I found a few smaller online sellers but their prices were not overly attractive.  BN definitely has the lion's share of that market but I believe European buyers are not as comfortable buying such item on the net as we are in the US and for this reason there is nowhere close to the same number of online outlets or consumers over there.  Having said this, DiamondIdeals for one, but I'm sure all the US online vendors, sell and ship to European customers on a regular basis.  VAT collection is not all that complicated as FedEx usually acts as the collection agent upon delivery.  As Furquan mentioned, even BN withing Europe has the VAT built into the price.

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The hassle of import duties is easily avoided by doing one of two things:

1. Using a good courier. They will take care of duty and VAT payment in one go.

2. Buying a loose diamond. Loose diamonds are zero-duty for the EU, whereas set stones attract a 2.5% duty.

(Of course, if the amount of duty and VAT is sufficiently high as to be more than a return ticket to the US there is always the illegal option of picking things up personally in the US and not declaring them...)

77diamonds is UK based and has a reasonable selection of stones, but as Laurent said don't let yourself feel that having an internationally shipped parcel is going to be an issue or a hassle.

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