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Diamonds fascination


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No, there's not. The problem is in defining 'true worth'.  Not all jewelers charge the same for their time and talents. There are, however, lots of jewelers who make their prices available online and plenty more who will be happy to talk to you if you visit them. It's easy enough to compare with other sellers to see if things are priced competitively.  As mentioned above, a good start to making sure that diamonds are correctly graded is a report from GIA. 

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5 hours ago, Patricia Mason said:

Very interesting. Tell me please which metric is the most important among all the above indicated?  

Most important for what? One could argue that colour drives price (per carat) more than anything else. Get a report that says "red, blue, pink, green" or "orange" and doesn't mention "brown" or "yellow", and your price/carat is dramatically impacted.

Most important for appearance probably cut - at least as a single factor. Though again in fancy coloured diamonds colour is at least a very very close second, if not again first.

In practice, all 4 (and more) need to be taken into account.

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