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Thoughts on ring ?

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Pretty double halo ring. Good pictures. If you want more technical feedback, you need to provide us with more information. Grading report details, price, ring details, etc....

Laurent George
Diamond Ideals
New York City



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There is nothing in the report that raises red flags, but for a cushion there simply isn't enough information to say much (and more so for an SI2 cushion). Presumably you have seen the stone and liked it more than others, which is good.

In terms of value, assuming you mean "fair retail price", there simply isn't enough information. Here are some roughly comparable stones, and as you can see they vary in price by a factor of almost 2 - the main drivers are cut quality and visibility of the inclusions, and we don't know much about either in your case (and we know even less in the case of stones simply advertised for sale):

Same is valid for the setting; the cheapest double halo setting I could find in 30 seconds comes for USD2,000 (+taxes etc.), but it's easy to spend twice as much or more.

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Part of the difficulties of assessing mountings like this is that there’s a fair amount of labor in making one and cushion cuts aren’t very standardized.  There are long ones, skinny ones, roundish ones, square ones, and you can’t just pick a ring out of a bin using the weight and expect it to fit.  The result is that there’s a fair amount of customization going on, and customization equals money.  Add to that the simple fact that not everyone charges the same for their time and talents and you find that the prices vary by more than a factor of two.  I’ve never heard of this jeweler, which means exactly nothing, but it also means that there’s no way to reasonably predict their prices.  FWIW, it looks like whoever made it did a nice job.  The sensible way to proceed is to find a local valuer who isn’t part of the deal (meaning they don’t work for the jeweler or someone who is competing with them) to look at the ring in person and make an evaluation.

Neil Beaty



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