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Clean your Diamonds especially in your engagement ring


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I think jewelry industry failed in educating their customers how important it is to clear your engagement ring every week.


We are getting diamond engagement rings for upgrades and each time we see that the ring was not cleaned for a long time.

The combination of dirt and hand soaps we use covers the pavilions of the diamond, this has two worst effects over the diamond:

1) The light rays are absorbed in the dirt layer and the amount of reflections back are minimized, the diamond loses its brilliance totally.

2) The imperfections that were not seen due to the reflections, become visible, (especially in the VS@ SI grades)see pictures below:






If you did not clean your ring for a long time it will be impossible to clean it at home with just old toothbrush and detergents.


You need to use Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, either step into any jewelry store, they will gladly do it (most of them free of charge), or 

Buy a Home Jewelry Ultrasonic cleaner, they start at $70!

This will keep your ring fresh and looking new.

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Friends - Jewellery is your passion preserve it delicately, simple way for daily wearable diamond rings- when you brush your teeth just keep separate old brush to clean your ring by brushing using toothpaste and rinsing well with water !! Trust me it works well, just try to dry it using hairdryer leaving no water on metal. 

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I don't work for Phillips, but their ultrasonic toothbrush with dishsoap works miracles.  I would not do this every day though.  Once a week or once every other week should be amply sufficient.

If you already own such a toothbrush, all you need is a separate head for your jewelry.

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The problem is the places where the brush can not reach, as under set diamonds or inside small gold openings .

To get it cleaned one must have an ultrasonic bath. Dip it 10 minute and you are done.

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2 hours ago, dericksmith said:
  On 7/29/2018 at 10:10 AM, diamonds-usa said:

I have also brought engagement ring online from [A Spamming Store]. It is so beautiful and I don't think it need to be cleared every week. [see? my spam link has disappeared!] 1

@dericksmithI'll take that your retyping the quote of another user is not intentional, unlike your spamming, which clearly is and has been reported.

The only reason why I have bothered replying here is because if you want a diamond ring to keep being nice and shiny, you have only two options: 1) keep it unworn in its box, or 2) clean it regularly. If worn all day every day, a weekly cleaning is the minimum it will need, or it will end up looking like the example photos diamonds-usa has posted above.

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This is such a great point.  For years I’ve had basket style mountings (been through a number of changes) and now I have a classic 6 prong solitaire style and all I can say is wow - much harder to keep things clean in between those prongs!  I’m really going to have to stay on top of it!  And I’m not one who puts on lotion or uses bar soap (only liquid, and not the conditioning ones), don’t shower with it, nor cook, etc.  And it STILL is hard to clean!!!

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3 hours ago, sinosources said:

This is a good way http://[xx]steelpipe.com/product-category/square-steel-pipe/

What? Using square steel pipes for cleaning diamond rings? I want to see that.

Your spamming has been reported, but it was so funny that I just removed the link and left the quote. @hermann feel free to delete if you think it's not appropriate.

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