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Advice Please !


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Hey guys, need some advice please. 

I'm looking to purchase this engagement ring, it is 1.02 carat, Color D and VS2. It is set in a 14k halo band with diamonds along the edge. i have attached the GIA report GIA #5182129695. 


I'm wondering if you guys think around $8000 AUD is a good deal or would i be better off getting a diamond separately and doing the whole process myself? What do you guys think of the diamond itself?



Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 12.37.15 am.png

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 12.37.38 am.png

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The price is within a reasonable range - however, the devil is in the detail:

1. How well cut is the stone? As you can see from the link below, there is huge variability in prices of oval D/VS2 stones, and a big chunk of the variability is cut quality; unfortunately, the information on the GIA report is not enough to even begin to establish cut quality for an oval...


2. Details of the setting. It is possible to find a halo setting designed ~ like the one in your picture retailing for just less than USD1,000 (say AUD 1,500 incl. tax), but it is also possible to spend $10,000. Materials, quality of finish and marketing/brand all play a significant role in setting a "fair" price.

Unfortunately, with the info available, it's a bit of one of those "how long is a piece of string?" questions. You are unlikely to get ripped off on this deal, but you may get something you like better if you find a stone and setting you choose individually. Have you compared this stone/ring to others? Did it/they come out on top under all respects?

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Thanks for the reply! 

I am not too sure about the cut of the diamond to be honest, and i would have no clue on how to even tell.


The setting is made by a company called Lauren B in New york. I don't know too much but did a search and they seem pretty good. 

I did search and it does seem of good value to what I have found out but thats why i came here to see what you seasoned pros think haha

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Well, the best way to tell whether a diamond is well cut is to see it and to compare it to others (ideally that have been graded for cut with a reliable system, but with ovals this is difficult if not impossible - AGS offers a cut grade for ovals, but it has such a low diffusion that it's practically non-existent).

Generally, if it sparkles, it is bright without obvious dark areas that remain dark even when moving the stone, and it has fire (coloured, refracted light), all is good.

If you want to get more analytical, read this GIA-authored introductory article; it has been written for and with round cuts, but other than the strict mathematics of the proportions everything in here applies to ovals too: http://diamondcut.gia.edu/pdf/cut_fall2004.pdf

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G'day Nazzri

I won't comment on the ring/diamond, but regarding the price, just be aware that if you bring diamond set jewellery into the country, it will be subject to 10% GST + 5% duty + customs processing fees (about AUD$150). So be sure that you factor those additional costs into your budget.

Hope this helps


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