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Please help me, unsure...


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Hi Everyone,

We bought a diamond, and at first thought it was very clear. Now looking at it, I’m starting to think there may be a slight haze or cloudy look. Can someone take a look at the link below and share your thoughts? 



Thank you for your help.


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It's an SI2, and its clarity grade is based on "clouds not shown", meaning that they are so extensive or so many that plotting them on the diagram would not have helped identification (that's what the diagram is for!!!). There is a risk that the stone may be hazy/cloudy in reality; in the video it doesn't appear to suffer too much, but you need to see these things in person.

You have 30 days to return the stone if you don't like it, so don't worry too much at this point; do find a couple of friends (and maybe an expert or two?) to give you a second and even third opinion. If you have doubts, return; there is eye-clean and there is mind-clean, and a non-mind-clean stone can ruin your life.

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Remember to give your diamond a good clean at least once a week.  The pavillion meaning the bottom facets set in the basket is the most important to clean, use a soft toothbrush and some detergent.  A toothbrush which has never been used as toothpast is an abrasive and will scratch your ring.

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