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Where to buy Gold rings without diamonds


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I'm looking to buy gold rings without any stone and not just a plain band. Could you suggest some websites to look at?

I've looked at amazon and Ross-Simons but not sure of the experience of buying from there.


Any suggestions will be very helpful.


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"good" design from an aesthetic point of view is very much in the eye of the beholder. Reliability in turn depends on the design and on how well it is made. Value - which typically encompasses both aspects above and a lot of others - is even more subjective: Cartier and Van Cleef would have no customers purely on the base of "charging a good rate". Add to all of this the fact that there are literally thousands if not millions of sites, and your question is unanswerable without a lot more information...

FWIW, I quite like mokume gane as something made all with metal but a bit (or very) different from plain and usually robust; take a look at  Krikawa's site (https://www.krikawa.com/mokume) and see if you like the look.

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Well, then... Amazon is a marketplace, like eBay. It offers a slightly different set of services to vendors, but the relevant point here is that many vendors can advertise their wares on Amazon; quality (however measured) depends on the vendor, not on Amazon. There are plenty of bad vendors, and there may be some good ones, just like in any marketplace.

This said I've never seen anything jewellery that I would like to buy (independent of price) advertised on Amazon, and Amazon's categorisation description of jewellery ranges from abysmal to dreadful: it's a commodity-oriented site, and whoever created the categories understands fine jewellery about as much as I understand Chinese.

I don't know Ross-Simons - which means nothing one way or the other. However the design you linked doesn't strike me as particularly durable, and I see nothing in their site to make me stand up and take notice of anything else - for ill or for good.

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Ross-Simmons is a rather large catalog/internet/mail sort of operation. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that, but it’s unusual to see their link in a forum like this. I would put them in the same category as Macy’s, Skymall, and JC Penny. They’re a reputable company, but it’s neither a place to get a ‘deal’ nor is it a place where the snobs tend to shop.  It’s a safe, middle-of-the-road place that sells what they say they sell, honors their terms and conditions, and does their best to be supportive of their clients. 

As Davide points out, Amazon is quite different. Nearly everything sold there is really being sold by someone else. They too are pretty customer-centric. It’s not all that easy to become a vendor there, and they do have a fair amount of rules for those who stick around but, in the end, it’s not Amazon you’re doing business with.


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