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Please review this 2.5ct H VS2 Diamond that I purchased recently


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Hello Everyone,

I recently purchased 2.5ct H VS2 round diamond from local dealer for my girl friend. We looked at about 25 - 30 stones and this is the one she is happy ( on both paper and on our eyes ) and within our budget. I paid it about 31k for the stone and 18k white gold Nova setting.

Can you guys please make comments or give opinion on my purchase? Especially price.

We really appreciate your time and thank in advance!



8.73 - 8.77 x 5.35 mm
Carat Weight
2.50 carat
Color Grade
Clarity Grade
Cut Grade


61.1 %
59 %
Crown Angle
Crown Height
Pavilion Angle
Pavilion Depth
Star Length
Lower Half
Medium to Slightly Thick, Faceted, 4.0%







Clarity Characteristics
Crystal, Cloud, Feather, Indented Natural, Natural
Key To Symbols
Cloud.jpg Cloud
Feather.jpg Feather
IndentedNatural.jpg Indented Natural
Natural.jpg Natural

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What would you like us to review?  You went and saw a large number of diamonds and selected the one you liked best within your budget.  You can compare prices yourself on the DiamondFinder (link above)


The setting, in 18K gold should run about $1500 to $2500 depending on total carat weight.  Based on comps, the price is a little high, but we are comparing to online dealers where you don't get to see 25 to 30 stones.

All the numbers we tend to obsess over are primarily used to eliminate lesser stones from virtual lists.  It's a way to narrow the choices and increase the likelihood of the stone you buy being a good looking stone.  This one passed your test - your eyes.  Had this been one on a list of stones presented here, I may have suggested looking for a stone with a slightly smaller table, slightly higher crown and slightly steeper crown angles because I believe tweaks in those parameters might give you a better looking stone.  But that's according to what I personally prefer.  You have used your eyes and chosen this stone.  It's most likely the right choice

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One more note. The only thing i am quite not happy with my purchase is HCA score. It scored 4

Factor Grade
Light Return : Very Good
Fire :Good
Scintillation : Good
Spread or diameter for weight :Very Good

Total Visual Performance 4 - Good - Only if price is your main criterion


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HCA is not useful for what you’re doing.  Ignore it.

As pointed out above, you can research the prices yourself, and surely already have. You're fine.  Congratulations. Getting it appraised may be useful in terms of craftsmanship and generally documenting things for your insurance, and while you're at it you can ask these question of your appraiser.  Where are you?

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Thanks everyone for reply and giving me good feedback. This gives me a little confident about my purchase. When I compared to diamond finder list, GIA report of my stone seems to be little clear so that could be the reason why it was little higher. Is my assumption correct? 

I also forgot to mention about my purchase break down. If i remember correctly, my stone by itself was 27600 and setting is about 3k. 

Here is a few question i have

1. There are some crystal and small cloud on my stone. Do I need to worry about those? What about other inclusions?
2. Since i have paying 3k on 18k Novo setting. What should I expect for total carat weight?

Again thanks a lot of your time!

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The amount of ink on a report is not influential on prices; what is relevant is whether those inclusions are visible (and generally in VS2 they are not).

There are plenty of reasons why your stone may be more expensive than those listed on the Finder; if I understand things correctly and you purchased from a "bricks and mortar" retailer, that by itself is much more likely to drive the price up compared to the typical Finder "internet based" dealer. As Laurent has noted above, you get something for your money when shopping in a real store: not many internet based dealers are able or willing to line up 25 similar stones.

To your direct questions:

1. Need to worry in what sense? Durability/integrity-wise absolutely not; GIA would not have graded it VS2 otherwise. Visibility-wise presumably neither, since you saw, inspected, compared and liked the stone... with the inclusions in it!

2. There is no single answer. The price of melée increases with the size of stones, not just their overall weight, but on the other hand smaller stones mean more work for fabrication and setting. In addition, typically the main drivers for the cost of a setting are quality of finish and marketing... neither of which tells you much about "how many diamonds". Sorry.

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