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Would you choose this 2.50ct IGI-rated diamond over this 2.13ct GIA-rated?


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Hi guys, I am trying to make decision on these 2 stones, and your thoughts would be really appreciated!

The GIA-rated J (diamond 1) have noticeably better color than the IGI-rated J (diamond 2). It also has slightly more fire and scintillation when I rotated them and moved them around. They have about the same brilliance. The price for the 2.13ct is $16k, and the 2.50ct is $17.3k. I thought the 2.50ct is great value given its size; the 2.13ct performs better in person but I think it is average value for its size and performance.

My question is: would you choose the larger 2.50ct diamond? Or Would you choose either diamond at all?

Diamond 1: 2.13ct J VVS2 Triple-Ex cut

w213 4812413 topview.png

w213 4812413 sideview.png


Weight: 2.13 ct
Color: J
Clarity: VVS2
Cut: Triple-Ex
Depth: 62.60
Table: 56.00
Crown angle: 35.5
Pavilion angle: 40.60
Fluorescence: medium blue, it did not look milky/hazy in person indoors
Lab: GIA

Diamond 2: 2.50ct J VS2 Triple-Ex cut




Weight: 2.50 ct
Color: (looks more like a GIA-K equivalent in person)
Clarity: VS2
Cut: Triple-Ex
Depth: 62.20
Table: 56.50
Crown angle: 35.6
Pavilion angle: 40.60
Fluorescence: none
Lab: IGI

Comparison between the 2


Left is 2.13ct


Top is 2.13ct


Thanks in advance for your help!!













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Have you seen them in person, or are the photos (however good) the only evidence you have?

FWIW, although on paper they look much the same (you didn't post diameter info, though), and the reflector images are either both (relatively) bad or (relatively) badly taken, I like the photos of the 2.13 better. HOWEVER this pales into insignificance if you have seen them in person and you like and prefer the 2.50.

Bear in mind that with the 2.13 you are paying possibly for better cut and colour, but also quite a bit for VVS clarity, which is totally invisible without a loupe. If the 2.50 is actually a K (likely!), it's fairly priced, not a bargain.

To answer your question very directly: I don't find the 2.50 "better value" because I don't find its advantages (larger size) enough to offset a poorer - albeit not bad - cut. I would probably try to find a better cut 2.50 with lower clarity rather than going with the 2.13. However this is me, and it's purely my opinion - don't feel in any way bound by it.

ETA: medium blue fluorescence will do absolutely nothing indoors, and it will not turn a stone milky or hazy outdoors. It will ding the price (very little in a J) because of the risk of overgrading and because people nowadays are suspicious of fluorescence.

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davidelevi, thank you for your reply. To answer your question, I have seen both stones in person and believe the 2.13ct had superior light performance and color. It seems much more lively when I rotated it and moved it around. 

I'm terms of overpaying for VVS2, I definitely did not specifically choose this stone for that. I actually could not find a cheaper stone of similar size, color, cut/angles, even if I went lower on the clarity. Do you think I just haven't looked enough?

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You may have... in the sense that there are some advertised for example here:


Whether any of these are any good to you is a different question, and if you are not keen on shopping online because you want to see and compare stones directly none of them may be!

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Personally, I’m a bit of a sucker for size but I would STILL go for the 2.13. Why? Because the difference between J and K is so big on the price and I don't trust the consistency of IGI. Apparently, you don't either given your parenthetic comment. Mind you, I don’t mind K, in fact, I wear a K personally, but I wouldn’t want to pay J prices for one. If it's an L you're way upside down and yes, it's possible. Are you 100% confident in your own color grading skills to make this call? That's what you're doing. 

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