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Four Mine Diamond Any Good?


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Jonathan, I have no direct experience of Four Mine (and as a somewhat competitor of them, it wouldn't be fair of me to comment on them anyway) - however do bear in mind that most internet-based diamond retailers don't own or even have exclusive rights to many of the stones they advertise.

It is perfectly possible that someone else with a better attitude can get the same exact stone for you at the same or even better price. Start by looking at the Diamond Finder here https://www.diamondreview.com/diamonds and see if you can find the same stone listed by some other vendor, or even call a couple of other vendors directly and see if:

1. You do get better service/attitude

2. They can get hold of the stone you want

(3. If they don't, see what else they recommend instead - often this ends up being more revealing than nice manners on the phone!)

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In their defense, chat is a very difficult way to do business.  Customers come on, they ask curt questions, expect a carefully thought out reply, and then disappear without so much as giving their real name. I, of course, have no clue how your session went but this phenomenon does make chat reps a bit cynical as a group.  I don't have chat available for my own business for this reason for example. As Davide points out, they have plenty of competitors if you don't like their style. 

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