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Considering buying this Round 1.90 H/VS2 or 2.0 H/VVS1 or others…


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Hello everyone!

I am looking to purchase a round diamond around the 2.0 carat range.  I was told there was a jump in price between 1.99ct and 2.00ct, therefore, I’d prefer to find a diamond slightly less than 2.0 carat weight with measurements above the length/width above ~8.10mm if it truly saves money.  Based on my minimal amount of research, this would have the appearance of a larger stone.  Visible Inclusions within the center of the stone are of higher importance so a VS2 or higher would be best.  I would consider an H color but it would need to appear closer to a G.  Any help would be greatly appreciated especially if there are key traits or concerns I may be missing or failed to mention.  My budget is around $18,000 USD.  Thanks everyone!          

PRICE is $18,440 for the 2.0ct and $17,320 for the 1.9ct.




2.0 ct.jpg

IGI 2.0ct.jpg

GIA 1.9ct.jpg


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There are a few issues to consider here.  The first has to do with the grading reports.  GIA is the most consistent and consumer protective (accurate) grading lab while the IGI is a little less so.  The IGI in New York tends to be quite accurate but the one in Belgium (where this stone was graded), tends to be a little lenient.  I would guess the VVS grade if close enough that the stone runs no real risk of being imperfect but I may not be as sure about the color.  If you were to put these two stones side by side, I would guess the IGI graded stone would appear darker and might have come back as an I color from the GIA.  This is pure guess work on my part, but it is an educated guess based on 30+ years of looking at these reports.  The second flag is the make or cut of these stones.  The GIA stone has a fairly large table (61%) by today's more 'ideal" standards and the crown angle is quite shallow (32.5°).  The advantage is that the stones spreads larger, which is what you were looking for, but the downside is the stone is likely to appear shallow and lifeless, or at least not as brilliant.


Here is a search for similar stones within your price range: https://www.diamondreview.com/diamonds?sortOrder=carat&sortDesc=0&fShape=Rnd&fCaratLo=1.90&fCaratHi=2.09&fColorLo=H&fColorHi=H&fClarityLo=VS1&fClarityHi=VS2&fCutLo=exc&fCutHi=exc&fDepthLo=60.0&fDepthHi=62.4&fTableLo=53.0&fTableHi=58.0&fSymLo=ideal&fSymHi=exc&fPolLo=ideal&fPolHi=exc&fCulLo=&fCulHi=vlarge&fFlrLo=none&fFlrHi=faint&fPriceLo=0&fPriceHi=19500&adv=1


I hope this helps


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Thank you very much for the advice and the link.  I am not certain the price variation between the 1.9 and 2.0 is nearly as extensive as I was initially told.  Additionally, I will stick with the reputable reports and pay more attention to the table and crown angle as I do not want the purchase to end up appearing lifeless.      

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33 minutes ago, DitchDigger said:

I am not certain the price variation between the 1.9 and 2.0 is nearly as extensive as I was initially told. 

A few things to bear in mind:

1. The difference will decrease significantly the closer you get to 2.0 - it will still be there at 1.99, though.

2. The devil is in the details - you really need to compare like-for-like, and the info on reports is often not sufficient to do so.

3. The temptation for a cutter to hit a significant threshold like a full carat in exchange for cutting (relatively) poorly is huge. This will decrease the number of available stones very near the threshold.

Here's an example: https://www.diamondreview.com/diamonds?sortOrder=price&sortDesc=0&fShape=Rnd&fCaratLo=2.00&fCaratHi=2.01&fColorLo=G&fColorHi=G&fClarityLo=VS1&fClarityHi=VS1&fCutLo=exc&fCutHi=exc&fDepthLo=50.0&fDepthHi=80.0&fTableLo=40.0&fTableHi=80.0&fSymLo=ideal&fSymHi=exc&fPolLo=ideal&fPolHi=exc&fCulLo=&fCulHi=vlarge&fFlrLo=none&fFlrHi=none&fPriceLo=0&fPriceHi=1000000&fLabGIA=1&adv=1 G/VS1 XXX diamonds between 2.00 and 2.01: price range $23k to $30k (excluding a couple of clear outliers)

https://www.diamondreview.com/diamonds?sortOrder=price&sortDesc=0&fShape=Rnd&fCaratLo=1.90&fCaratHi=1.99&fColorLo=G&fColorHi=G&fClarityLo=VS1&fClarityHi=VS1&fCutLo=exc&fCutHi=exc&fDepthLo=50.0&fDepthHi=80.0&fTableLo=40.0&fTableHi=80.0&fSymLo=ideal&fSymHi=exc&fPolLo=ideal&fPolHi=exc&fCulLo=&fCulHi=vlarge&fFlrLo=none&fFlrHi=none&fPriceLo=0&fPriceHi=1000000&fLabGIA=1&adv=1 same as above, but 1.90 to 1.99: note that there far fewer stones (6 , excluding duplicates against  ~40 between 2 and 2.01), none over 1.91, and prices range from $20k to $22k

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