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Should I be concerned about black in emerald aset images


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My understanding that black and white in aset image is considered light leakage - why does some come up as black and other areas white? 

The light leakage in the aset seems to be a lot worse than what the video shows 


what do you guys think? is there too much light leakage?


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Um... the problem is that normally one gets black OR white, these being the background colours on which the image is taken. Having both makes me think that the image has been taken incorrectly. "Leakage" is also a very ill-defined concept; the white or black "I can see the background" areas should be referred to as windowing. 

To be honest, especially for non-rounds, a well taken video trumps any reflector images: the geometry of ASET and idealscope is thought for rounds - and it provides relatively limited information in any case.

The video looks good - though again this way of filming is thought for rounds (or at most square) shapes: you never see the long sides from a significantly different angle, and the stone should be rocked to demonstrate that there is no "leakage" on those sides either - you can see the "frames" on the short sides changing from black to white, but not the long sides because the light-to-stone angle varies much less on the horizontal plane.

If this is right for you from all other points of view (outline/shoulders, size and price), I really see nothing against it.

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