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comments on these 2 round stones?


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Would anyone mind commenting on these 2 round stones?  Amateur here trying to learn how to read these images!

Top picture: 

1.02 carat, VS2, I
table: 58
depth: 61.7
crown angle: 35
pavilion angle: 41

Bottom picture:

0.90 carat, SI1, I
table: 58
depth: 62.2 
crown angle: 35.5
pavilion angle: 41




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Hearts look significantly better on the second one, but the arrows view looks dodgy (no shafts?). ASETs are not comparable, and neither looks great (the second one seems to be taken "wrongly").

In all, I would doubt that the second set of pics represents the stone correctly (esp. in view of the angles), and the first one is OK but not great.

Two conclusions:

1. In-person viewing or comparative video still dominate for comparison purposes

2. Whether any of the two are any good depends very much on what you value!!!

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