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Pear Shaped Diamond


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Hi all,


Long time viewer, first time poster.


I won't bore your with you all of the details about how I've ended up here but essentially I am planning to propose to my SO shortly. Over the years she has made it clear to me what her engagement ring hopes are, and that is a pear shaped diamond that is as white/clear as can possibly be. She does not like halo's at all and wants something simple, yet elegant on her hand.

After going away and researching, I worked out my budget to be about AU$15k which in the jewellery shops in Melbourne was getting me an F/SI2 at at about 1.5 carat. I wanted to do better than this and I've ended up coming close to budget for an E/SI1 that is apparently eye clean. I purchased the diamond and it's on its way to me now, but I've made sure it has a robust returns policy in case it's not up to my standards.


I will need to get it assessed properly obviously, but just wondering what everyone's views are on the attached? It looks to tick all the boxes including the L/W ratio that sits at 1.53 which is just where I want it. My main concern is that it contains feathers and some posters previously, particularly on PriceScope have scared a lot of people off diamonds containing feathers for durability purposes. Obviously at this price there needs to be a trade offs at this price point however, so just wondering if anyone here sees anything super concerning about this piece?


For more pictures and videos, please see the following link: https://pck.azureedge.net/stone-multimedia/stone-multimedia.htm?stoneId=2825230112#

download (3).png


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At first glance this stone looks like a great candidate.  I like the shape appeal and the stone does not appear to have any significant bow tie.  I would not be concerned with the feather as if you look at the diagram closely, you will notice the feather is a minimal player in the plot.  There are more needles which are internal and don't have the potential negative impact of feathers.  That said, feathers in an SI1 are usually nothing to even think twice about unless they are visible.  My bigger concern on this stone are the two black needles/crystals on the edges of the stone.  They are probably nothing to worry about but as at least one of them seems to reflect, I would examine the stone very carefully to make sure it is clean to the naked eye.  Fortunately you have a robust return policy to rely, just in case.  On the off chance you reject this stone, keep in mind there is very little discernible difference between an E and an F and between an F and a G.  You could, for similar money, consider a GVS2 and essentially eliminate the clarity concern without giving much up on the color side.

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Just to reinforce one message - any SI(1) inclusion by definition is not a risk for the durability or integrity of the stone. Of course this is a subjective evaluation by the graders (and GIA always has more than one), but I would trust their judgement of expert professionals who have seen the stone under a loupe and microscope in preference to that of unqualified forum members who are seeing a report and a few photos... (and that includes me, BTW!!!)

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Thanks for the replies guys, appreciate it. Based on ill-informed people, I was genuinely scared of any type of feather on any type of diamond as people often have you believe that it's just going to snap. 


The diamond seems to tick all my boxes and was at a great price. In terms of priorities, the most important aspects to me in order were L/W ratio, colour and then clarity so I'd be prepared to give up a little in clarity for a colourless piece with a 1.5-1.53 L/W ratio. Finding a diamond that ticks those boxes has been ridiculously tough. 

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