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Which heart shaped diamond would you choose?

Natascha K

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Dear diamond reviewers,
For my platinum wedding/engagement ring I am searching for a loose heart shaped diamond with a nicely defined cleft. The diamond will be set in a swirl halo design, kind of like this: https://www.jamesallen.com/engagement-rings/danhov/14k-white-gold-abbraccio-swirl-engagement-ring-style-ae100-by-danhov-item-58073.
I have found a couple of diamonds on the Jamesallen website which I found looking beautiful, but as an amateur I would love some advice before buying one of these. Which one(s) of the diamonds below would you and would you not recommend?
Also, which one do you consider as the best pick?
I'm very much looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this and any advice you could give me.
Thank you kindly in advance!
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Hi Natascha, welcome to Diamond Review!

You have a variety of stones in relatively different colours (F to I), clarities (VS1 to SI2 - with some at the border of not being eye-clean) and carat weights (0.90 to 1.15 - for some people having a 1 full carat is important).

On the other hand, they are very similar in face-up size, outline and cut quality (in as much as it can be judged in a series of non-comparative videos), as well as being quite close in price.

Personally, I would discard the 1.00/F-SI1 because I would be afraid that some of the dark crystals would be visible to me. Among the other 5, you have a fair amount of variety, and recommending a choice depends on what you value most (e.g. colour vs. "size", clarity vs. contrast, $500 back vs. "1 carat").

The only real piece of advice I can give you is to choose the diamond you like the most from the videos.

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 Hi Natascha

Picking diamonds is a bit of a whack-a-mole game.  People start on the Internet and want the best of everything.  Clarity, Color, Size, Cut, Price.  The problem is that it doesn’t work that way.  If you get top marks on the first 4, the price goes through the roof.  Bringing down the price is an exercise in compromises on the other things and the secret is to decide where you want to compromise.  For some it’s size.  For some it’s color, for some it's clarity.  It’s a very personal decision but it’s why you’re struggling with this.  It looks to me like you’ve got a price in mind but everything else is flexible.


Back up a little bit.  Force rank the quality elements.  Is size important to you?  A 0.9x and a 1.0x that are otherwise similar are going to differ by $1000 easy.  Some people will go for it, some won’t.  The same will happen with an F vs. an I.  You can’t have both without hitting the price, so which is it?  That’s where the whack-a-mole comes in.  Push one down and another comes up.  Zeroing in on your own rankings and where you would end up if you could will make this a lot easier both in terms of knowing what you're looking for and knowing when you find it. 

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Thank you Davide and Neil for both for your advice! I really appreciate it.

Now I will back up a little! I find shape, brilliance and colour the most important quality elements, so I will let go of the I colours.

I find the 1.00/F-SI1 diamond having the loveliest shape. Do you think the dark crystals in this diamond are visible to the naked eye? How is the brilliance in this diamond?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this one.


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10 hours ago, davidelevi said:

Personally, I would discard the 1.00/F-SI1 because I would be afraid that some of the dark crystals would be visible to me.

The price bears this out - stones are generally discounted when the inclusions are easily visible, and this F/SI1 is cheaper than it should be compared to the others. This said, it's one of those things that can only be properly assessed by seeing the diamond in person - JA offers 60 days returns and pays for your return postage, so what have you got to lose?

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This is exactly where a comparative video of the 5 remaining stones would really help with the decision.  Apart from the SI1 with the prominent black crystal inclusions, the other stones are difficult to differentiate while they are presented in their own bubble.  What we do in cases such as this is line the stones next to each other and shoot a short video.  Side by side, it is much easier to see which one you prefer over the other.  It's worth asking.

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