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Diamond essence


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It all depends on your definition of "cheap". Synthetics are usually a bit cheaper than equivalent natural stones in colourless and near colourless grades, and a lot cheaper for fancy colours, but they still sell for several thousand dollars/carat i.e. way way more than CZ.

dNea, Scio (who bought Apollo), Takara are some of the bigger names in synthetics; some sites selling simulants like "Better than Diamond" also retail synthetics, but they tend to sell stock from the 3 companies above.

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Brilliant Earth has emerged as one of the big retailers of synthetic diamonds and you might want to look there but synthetics in general have become significantly more mainstream than they were just a few years ago.  Nearly every jeweler CAN get them if they want.  Some even carry inventory but it's still mostly a special order item. As mentioned above, cheap is a relative concept, but prices don't vary a lot based on where you buy so go wherever trips your fancy. Nearly everyone is surprised at how expensive they are, which is why the fakes have such an easy time finding customers.  Be careful.  CZ's are not diamonds no matter how many times you say they are.  If they're talking about how they cut glass or if they claim to cost ten cents on the dollar, look into the details  

In this case, DE says right up front that they're simulants.  That means they aren't diamond.  Reading between the rest of it, they say they're CZ, just not 'conventional' CZ, whatever that means. 


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