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Hello Diamond Review Forum - Im a newbie here :)


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Hello Giovanni, welcome to Diamond Review!

rules/terms of use: https://www.diamondreview.com/misc/forumrules


Most of the forum is about diamonds, and most of the threads are about "value" in some sense or another. However, the definition of value can be so broad that it encompasses things that you aren't interested in, so help us to help you by giving us some more information about what you mean by "value".

If you mean prices, the best place to start is the Diamond Finder (link at the top of the page) - this is the database of currently available diamonds for sale by the advertisers.

If you mean a general notion of "how much a diamond is worth", this discussion dating to a few years ago may be of interest: 


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thank you very much davide.                                                                                                                                                                            For value i meant how much i can earn if i sell a diamond in a shop or on internet.                                                                             However  the article that you shared to me it has been so usefull.                                                                                                           but now i have another question for you... do you know if there's a website where i can sell diamond or is it illegal?

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Hi Giovanni,

It's perfectly legal to sell a diamond as long as you haven't acquired the diamond by illegal means! :) There are lots of sites to do so, ranging from dedicated sites (e.g. IdonowIdon't) to general online markets like eBay.

Neil @denverappraiser(another of the frequent posters on this forum) has written a very good article/tutorial on how to sell diamonds and jewellery in general: http://americangemregistry.com/tips-for-selling-diamonds/

In terms of "how much", there are a lot of details that would need to be worked out before anyone could give you anything close to a definitive answer, but a very rough guidance depending on your chosen marketing channel could be:

  • Resale to a jeweller: 15-50% of net retail price of equivalent
  • Consigment: 20-60%
  • Direct sale to a consumer: 30-70%

Those are very broad ranges, and Neil outlines some of the factors that drive where you'll land in these ranges - one important thing to notice (that Neil also points out) is that the price you paid or the "value" someone estimated the item to be worth for insurance or replacement purposes have nothing to do with a resale price.

ETA: We have a "classifieds" forum - feel free to advertise there once you have decided your marketing strategy and a price!

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