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Learning how to read idealscope and ASET images - thoughts on these pics?


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Trying to read these idealscope and ASET images correctly, but a bit confused.  My local jeweler sent me these pics of ~1 carrot round stones.  There is a lot of white in them!!  I read this is bad, but somehow I'm wondering if it's just that he took the pictures in a different way?  Thoughts?



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The pictures seem to have been taken by at least 3 different methods or sources.

#1 and #3 from source A and the two others from different sources as well.  this makes comparisons more difficult.  That said, #2 has the best H&A images of any of them and I suspect would be the stone with the most fire, scintillation and contrast.  Ideally I would ask the vendor to put all 4 stones side by side and get you a real comparative image or video. 

#1 and #3 have a dead ring just inside the table which is apparent in all images.

#4 has an inconsistent pattern which may be due to poor photography or more likely due to symmetry issues.

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#2 doesn't have an ASET and I don't think any of them have an idealscope.  The 'arrows' side of an H&A scope is not the same thing. 

The ASET's you have don't look like photographs to me, they look computer generated.  That's a mixed bag but the upside is that it makes them consistent.  I'm not impressed with any of them.  Do they otherwise look good on paper (crown angles, pavilion angles, etc.)

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Having a lot of red is generally good, a lot of blue isn't necessarily good (and that one has a bit too much, possibly: I don't like the blue "flares" under the crown), but I think the biggest pointer to potential issues is the overall lack of symmetry - as Laurent pointed out - and the lack of well-defined arrows.

This said, not everybody prefers a highly symmetrical pattern to a more "random" one, and it may be a fine diamond in real life.

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On 3/21/2018 at 1:21 PM, manish500 said:

Could you explain why you're not impressed by the aset image of the last one (that is computer generated)?  I read that having a lot of red and blue is good which this one does have.  However this only got a cut score of 64 on enchanted diamonds.

Red is good.  SYMMETRICAL blue is good.  Symmetrical green is good.  White or black is bad (depending on the computer settings)

I"m not wild about the Enchanted cut score system in general because it's opaque what they're measuring and the scale is so unclear, but it sounds like they basically agree on this one.  

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