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VS1 or VVS1


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Hello everyone, 

Looking to buy one of the two diamonds and im not sure if diamond 1 is too deep or diamond 2 the table is too large. Both are I colour and have faint fluorescence. Also, is the cloud a worry on diamond 2 ?


Diamond 1.

VVS1, Inclusion, Pinpoint 



Diamond 2.

VS1, Inclusion, Cloud, pinpoint 


Thanks again,


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The proportions and inclusions are fine on both the diamonds. 

The decision making will come down to price, weight and diameter. 

VVS1 is obviously better than VS1 especially if the difference is only few dollars. 

Compare the prices by comparing price per carat. If prices are same you get a heavier diamond. If weights and price are same you get a diamond with a bigger diameter, if all is same you get a VVS1. 

At this point in time there's nothing in proportions that would set them apart other than the diameter which information you haven't disclosed. 

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