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Some feedback please

Karolis Ma

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Hi all,


Could some one be so kind and give me some feedback on the ring below? The proportion side would be interesting, will it fire, sparkle enough? Is there big difference between E and VG cut? Should I drop to SI2 and go for E cut? VG E E - GIA certificate. 


Many thanks,



4.81 - 4.85 x 3.10 mm
Carat Weight
0.46 carat
Colour Grade
Clarity Grade
Cut Grade
Very Good


64.3 %
58 %
Crown Angle
Crown Height
Pavilion Angle
Pavilion Depth
Star Length
Lower Half
Slightly Thick to Thick, Faceted, 5.0%


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Yes it will sparkle and would have fire in some lighting conditions. Can't say enough for your or not. Everybody's enough is different and you can't tell much unless you have a reference of what is enough for you. 

It's a VG cut because it has a higher crown than would be acceptable for an excellent grade. Also the girdle is thicker than would be acceptable for an excellent cut. Which means there is too much meat above the pavillion which is adding weight to the stone without adding diameter to the diamond. An excellent cut diamond of this diameter will have lesser weight than this by about 3-4 cents which is around 8-10 percent. And diamonds are priced per carat so that means those diamond would be lesser priced. 

I don't recommend SI2 without having the opportunity to look at diamonds detail pictures and videos and preferably in real life.

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To add to Furquan's reply, I believe the thick girdle, very steep crown angles and greater than desirable depth will most likely result in a stone with a fairly dark center.  Will is sparkle?  Yes, but most likely not as much as a better cut stone.  But as Furquan alludes to, a better cut stone of the same wight will cost more.  A better cut stone of the same diameter, will weigh less, and thus you may save money for a similar visual size.


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