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Ideal and ASET scope


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Hi Eric,

Welcome to Diamond Review!

Personally I have no use whatsoever for the HCA, and I find ASET images more useful than idealscope ones - however:

1. While reflector images are much better than no information at all, they all need careful interpretation and sometimes I end up preferring a "less good" reflector image (e.g. more green or blue vs. red) for a variety of reasons. They certainly should not be the only basis on which to choose.

2. For comparison purposes, the reflector images need to be taken in a comparable way. This is more difficult than it seems and happens quite rarely

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The usual task at hand is to separate a sea of ‘excellent’ stones to find the best, or at least eliminate the worst.  I’m with Davide in that I don’t find HCA especially useful for this and ASET/IS images are sort of a mixed bag.  The problem is that the photographic setups aren’t standardized.  You can rule out serious outliers, and you can compare within the offerings of a particular dealer where every picture was taken in the same way, but comparing between dealers can get pretty problematic.  You end up with the dealer who takes the best pictures, not necessarily the one with best stone.

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