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Why are Two GIA certifications different from each other.

Hamilton James

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Hi I'm new to this so here goes,

My name is James I work at a Diamond mine in the North West Territory's. I recently bought a diamond for my wife from the mine and when I bought it it came with the Canada Mark Card and a GIA for the Diamond. The Gia from the mine said it was D on the GIA color scale. When I had it set I had another appraisal and GIA done and this time it was an I on the same scale. One diamond,Two different labs two different color ratings that in my opinion are significantly far from one another. Not sure what to do here as I originally bought what I thought was a D color diamond. Does anyone have any experience with something like this happening? Any help would be appreciated.

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Hello James, welcome to Diamond Review!

Since you talk of appraisal, I assume this was done (also) for the purpose of insurance coverage. As you say, I is materially different from D - and if you bound the insurance policy based on the appraisal this may well mean that your insurance would replace a D stone with an I should you lose the ring/diamond.

If I were you, I'd go back to the appraiser, show him/her the GIA report (why didn't he/she inquire whether there was any documentation that came with the stone/ring?) and ask him/her to:

1) tell you whether they disagree with the report and stand by their opinion (has your diamond been switched or misplaced at some point???)

2) if this is not the case, and they agree that your diamond is a D colour, to update the appraisal accordingly. Then I'd go to the insurance and tell them about the change in description (and possibly replacement value).

If the appraisal was (also) done for other purposes (e.g. quality control), I would say that any appraiser who grades a D as I and looks at a newly made ring without enquiring as to documentation (invoices, reports) is not an appraiser I would trust. Unless he/she is right and the diamond described in the report is not the diamond in the ring, in which case you have a different problem... to take up with whoever made the ring.

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This sounds like a straightforward error on the part of the appraiser.  Ring them up and hear what they have to say.  A new inspection may be called for because one of the key questions is if it's the same stone, but there shouldn't be a charge for this. It should have been covered during the appraisal session.  

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