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Do these look like diamonds to you

James K Kearns

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Hi James, welcome to Diamond Review!

From the photos I think it is not diamond and I suspect what you found is a piece of white quartz.

Identification by photo is more likely to be wrong than not (it could be calcite or something else), but given the fracture, the overall shape, the colour and discolorations, and the way in which multiple (broken) crystal facets show I believe diamond is quite comprehensively ruled out even from the photos.

The only way of knowing for sure what you found is to bring the rock and information on the discovery (place, depth, other material nearby) to an experienced gemologist.


(BTW - I have asked the admin to remove the multiple posts with identical content, so that people can reply to you in one place).

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1 hour ago, denverappraiser said:

Most cities who have appraisers who will work for a reasonable fee and even places like pawn shops that will do a diamond test for free.  I don't see any reason to expect those to be diamonds.  You said you bought them.  Were they sold to you as diamonds?

I think he found them - he bought the diamond tester.

Laurent - the OP posted 4 threads/posts with similar content; I think you replied to one, I replied to another one (and maybe Neil replied to a 3rd one, without the photos). But yes, we do converge quite often!!!

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