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GGS certification?

Carl Garesche

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When you ask about "their" reputation, are you referring to EN or to GGS?

I have no knowledge of Edwin Novel - which means nothing one way or the other. They seem to have some fairly decent commercial terms - at least in terms of their "standard" items, but their  website's "education" section is full of errors and biased statements.

GGS also has "no reputation" as far as I am concerned - which differently from a retailer does mean something: no reputation = no trust. It's one of the hundreds of labs that exist; they may be good bad or indifferent but since they are not well known, the default answer is "don't trust what they say". The "education" section on their website is at the bad end of ludicrous, which does nothing to enhance my trust.

So far, so bland. Putting the two together, however, is not a good combination. As to why, rather than (re)writing a novel, I would invite you to (re)read a few past threads on the subject; nothing has changed: the report is a marketing tool for the seller and an insurance tool for the buyer. If the insurance policy is issued by someone with no capital (reliability), it's no use and in fact it is damaging the buyer (you still pay for it, and it may induce you to ignore other "danger" signals).

In many of the following thread links you will see references to EGL or other "unknown" labs - just replace mentally "GGS" wherever needed.

Sorry for the long list of topics to browse, but as you will see it's not the first time that the topic of "unknown lab reports" has come up!


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