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James Smith

Why this vintage Victorian Diamond Necklace is a gorgeous one?

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11 hours ago, James Smith said:

The best part of this necklace is Italy 14k stamped white gold which seems positively frozen in time and combination of 116 diamonds having weight 1.19 carats. Check out on 

[promotional link removed]

14 kt white gold - vintage Victorian? Since when? White gold alloys were not used in Victorian jewellery (and that is not a Victorian design, though it's vaguely "old fashioned").

This is not Etsy, where (I learned yesterday) for something to be classified as "vintage", 20 years are all that is required.

Also, how do you know that it's got Italian 14k marks? The information is not on the site, or in the photographs, and 14k is not an official Italian purity mark; all Italian purity marks since 1872 are in thousands, and the 585/1000 (equivalent to 14k) was introduced in 1938.

In all, you are either misguided, a shill, or a misguided shill.

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