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Should I buy this WF 1.038 Ct Round Cut AGS Ideal / G Color / VS2 Diamond?


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Link to diamond here:


Price is $7,686

I'd like to put this in a Tiffany-like six-prong setting (leaning toward Vatche-U113, but considering Whiteflash and Excel as well)

Next to a 2.5ct ring with lesser cut (VG) stone that her sister recently received, would this stand out from a brilliance / sparkle standpoint? I can't really compete on size given my budget, so hoping that I can get a smaller, but more brilliant stone instead.


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I'll leave it to others to talk about the stone but I do have two comments in general from your post.

1) I'm not sure Excel will set a diamond from somewhere else in one of their specialty mountings.  If you're serious about that plan you might want to check first to make sure it's even an option. 

2) This about you and you're bride, not her sister.  You're going down a bad road with the whole competitive thing. Both can win. Just an old man's 2 cents.  

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Thanks, after I posted I called Excel and it looks like they wont be able to set the diamond in stone in time for my proposal unfortunately. I think I'm likely to go with the U-113 setting at this point

Re comparison - of course I hope they wont be compared - i dont make as much as the sister's fiance. But I know they will be by others, and what matters to me is that there is something I can point to if she feels sad about it to make her feel special

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It will make her feel special because it comes from you. And that should be enough for anybody.

In terms of cut, you are not going to find a significantly more precise cut or a much closer match to a modern super-ideal. In some places that's more than enough compensation for 2.5 mm of diameter difference, but I'm with Neil on this one: don't get drawn into comparisons or into competitions.

 When it comes to brilliance and sparkle, what matters most is to keep it clean. It may sound totally unromantic, but getting a small ultrasonic cleaning machine (or even better a steam cleaner) may not be a bad idea; they are less than $100 on Amazon.

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