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Maybe We Can Discuss a New Forum Section?


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Hello Herman,

Something I've noticed recently is that forums that were hopping with interaction a few years back have quietened down a lot. 

I'm unsure the reasons for this, but one theory I have is potentially the increase of interaction on Social Media, ie Instagram, You Tube, Facebook Pages and Facebook Market Places.

I think Price Scope still has a fair amount of traffic, but even sites like the Purse Forum has slowed down. 

Regardless, I digress. 

I'm wondering if a new Forum Section may be a fun idea to explore.

I don't know what these Forum Sections may be! But it just may be something to consider?  

- Maybe an "Online Jewellers Group"

Sharing information amongst one another such as funny stories, or great success stories they have had.  It could be asking for advice like, the best way to send an item internationally.  Again, discussions around Social Media, advice and help for each other.

- There could be a "How To" section:

Maybe this could include topics such as - "How to buy a coloured diamond?" "How to buy safely online?"

- Maybe a "Social Media and Diamonds" section:

"How has Social Media affected your Diamond Business?" 

- Maybe a "Buy/Sell/Trade section"

This can include, "want to buy" as well.  I'm seeing that heaps in Facebook Marketplaces. 


Other people may have some ideas they would wish to share.  Some of the threads look quite old, so maybe it may help to create some fresh activity.  I would love if some of the regular posters here may have some ideas too?


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Hi KittyKat,

Our traffic is as strong as ever and continues to grow, but yes the amount of posting has decreased.  I believe both of these trends are due to the increase of mobile devices, which make it very easy to surf & find information at any time (thus leading to high traffic), but make it more difficult to type & post (due to teeny tiny screens/keyboards).

Re your Forum ideas:

  • we do have an "insider's forum" but it is only available to A-List,
  • as for "how-to's", I feel it is covered within the massive amounts of postings already existing.  All one needs to do is search, and ye shall (usually) find.  We've been around for 18 years, so there's a very good likelihood these topics have been discussed & covered several times.  Of course if you think up a topic that isn't covered, it's easy to start a new discussion...
  • "Buy/Sell/Trade" we do have the classifieds, but maybe it should cover "wanted to buy"?

We're living in interesting times for sure. Sometimes it feels like every bit of knowledge in our increasingly small universe is now contained within our computers...

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Hi Herman, I definitely didn't mean to come across as not assuming that the forum doesn't get excellent traffic and coming off the wrong way.  I'm really sorry if that's how it sounded.

Maybe it is simply, the use of mobile devices has caused less posting.  As you say, now the information is already in the forum the traffic is already finding what it needs.

I will see where I can value add.  It is harder as a relatively new poster, particularly not an A - Lister, however I will try my best.  

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