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When Buying Pre-Loved Jewellery: Negotiation is Possible!!


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When buying a diamond ring second hand or pre-loved you are in a unique position in that you are buying from an individual.   As such you must remember this: the person selling the item - wants to sell.  Nonetheless, when people are hit with the idea of negotiating, most people shy away from it.  As a result, many items on the second hand market never sell.  It is a very common outcome that an individual will try to sell an item, fail and put the item into their drawer gathering dust, never to be seen again.

My suggestion is this: if you are interested in an item - make an offer.  The result being, you will save more money, and the seller will have a successful sale.  The perfect outcome for all involved.

You must remember though, when dealing with an individual, responses will not always predictable.  Most importantly you do not want to offend anyone by low balling (making a really low offer) and having them just ignore you.  You want to make a reasonable offer.  An offer that saves you money and an offer which makes the seller really seriously consider your offer. 

To find out what this value may be, check out eBay or other classifieds ads to see what items are selling for.  Also in addition ascertain the current new market value.  This will help you find an amount you think is fair.  The better armed you are with knowledge, the more successful you will be in making a good offer. 

There will be some sellers who just don't want to acknowledge an offer, and as with anything when dealing with individuals, no one responds in the same way.  If this happens, you can either purchase the item at the price they are asking or move on entirely.

If the seller responds with a counteroffer, this is actually good for you.  You have now successfully entered negotiations.  At this point you can accept their counter offer, or you can even counter again.  My advice is to stay within a reasonable amount of their counteroffer as they are providing you with an opportunity to purchase.

Whatever happens, always remain respectful.  You are much more likely to get a positive result for the both of you. 

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Have fun bargain hunting savvy shoppers!!

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