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In the Free Classified Sections Can we link to an Ebay Listing?


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From your other thread it sounds like you're starting to become a member of the trade, therefore all those rules would apply to you.

Probably the most effective way for you to use Diamond Review is to contribute as a member of the trade, and once you become better known within our community and your contributions reach a certain threshold, you can join A-List and get those benefits.  The idea is that while you're not permitted to outwardly self-promote by pasting link after link to your e-bay pages & so forth, you can certainly become a well-known and helpful member of our community who is known to specialize in X, Y, and Z, and then when someone need X, Y, or Z, they will instantly think of you. 

For example, if you needed a jewelry appraisal, who's the first person you would think of?  Neil, probably.  Yet Neil has never ever self-promoted outwardly.  We just know him to be an incredibly knowledgeable and helpful person, and he's a very nice guy too.  So we go to him.  That's how it works.


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Already, this is already just advice light years ahead and also really kind to even consider including me in the fold. That's exciting to be considered trade :) I do think I can contribute though in the niche I am in - as I have learnt a wealth of information on it.

Yes, I 1000% understand what you are saying.

How does one become A lister? Is that discretionary? You can also PM me this information possibly?

I've confused myself a bit too by opening two threads, so I should have put it all together in one. 



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19 minutes ago, denverappraiser said:

What it takes to be an A-lister is to be around for a while, to provide useful content, and to ask.  In the end it's 100% up to Hermann's discretion.  

I get by with a little help from my friends :).  The reality is, if Neil or Davide or any other well-known members nominate you, then you'd be in.

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