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Where can I find a diamond laser inscription service in Colorado Springs, Denver area?

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I''d like to have the diamond mounted in a ring get a laser inscription.  Where in the Denver / Colorado Springs area can I find this service offered?

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I know of no one in Denver down to CS who has the equipment in-house.  Lance Painter in Greeley has what I think is the only one in the state.  Personally I ship them out and use AGS Laboratories.  I'll be happy to work with you if you want.  GIA will do it directly for anyone who wants and who will sign their client agreement.  In both cases it will need to come out of the mounting to have the inscription done.  GIA won't do the pull/reset job but lots of jewelers will.  As with the above, I can assist if you wish. 

If I might ask, what are you wishing to inscribe and why?  Is speed an issue?


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