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Long shot - help identify a style


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Hey everyone,

I think this may be a long shot and I want to thank you all in advance for taking the time to help. I'm only in the beginning stages of picking out diamond earrings as a gift for my wife and she mentioned admiration for this woman's (picture attached) earrings while we were watching the show. This is the only image I could find of search and was wondering if anyone here was able to break down how to describe these to a jeweler. 


I made sure to find the most flattering pic possible for the sample.


Thank you.


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To me it looks like those are single stone studs, with a nice rounded outline.  If they were clusters, or cluster earrings, like those suggested by Davide, the edges of the earrings would not be as smooth.  There is a serious difference in cost between the two options.  Maybe your screen is giving you better resolution.


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If what you are looking for is similar to the photo I posted, then look for "cluster earrings" / "cluster studs".

If you want a single, larger stone as in Laurent's photo, then "diamond studs" will give you plenty of options. As Laurent said, you will be looking at several times the price for the same earring diameter (and a different look).

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