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Which to buy?


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Hello all,

Wondering if anyone could help with choosing between these 3 stones and why.  Unfortunately there are no images but I have been assured that diamonds this small are always  eye clean...Is this true ? Both are a similar price.

Diamond 1


Diamond 2


Diamond 3



Many thanks


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No, SI2 diamonds this small are more likely to be clean, but not *guaranteed* to be, so whatever you buy make sure you have a good return policy, which means as a minimum: 100% money back (except true shipping costs and credit card charges) for any reason for a good period of time; no store credit/exchange unless this is what you want; no restocking fees; no insurance charges for shipping.

FWIW, if you are buying completely sight unseen, at a 0.30 size I'd go down a little in colour (G) and up a little in clarity (SI1), and/or I would avoid fishing close to the bottom of the barrel in terms of prices; inclusion visibility in stones has - as you can probably imagine - a strong effect on price.

Of the 3 you have listed here, I like most #3 for cut proportions on paper, but the "crystal" may be transparent and relatively unobtrusive or pitch black and very visible; with the info you have posted there is no way of knowing. If you are talking to someone who sees the diamond before shipping it to you (but it doesn't sound like it, otherwise there would be no pitch about "small diamonds are always clean"), then ask them to look at all 3 and describe them back to you.

If - as I suspect - the person/firm you are dealing with refuses to do so, I would play it safe and (change vendor and) order #2 which has less risk on the type of inclusions, especially given it's also very well cut.

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Hi npana - I agree with Davide - - drop down a bit in colour as you're not likely to notice the difference, and go a bit better in clarity - - then there won't be any issues with buying sight-unseen.

Good luck

Hope this helps.

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