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(1.528, F, SI1) vs (1.543, D, SI1) Help!

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1.528 F SI1:!prettyPhoto[gallery2]/3/

1.543 D SI1: Pictures attached below. $1,500 less.

The 1.528 looks better cut but is it really THAT difference enough to justify costing an extra $1,500... when you compare it to this other really well-cut diamond that is slightly larger AND that's also a D in color?!?!!?

Diamond experts which would you pick and why?! Both have similar upgrade policies and return policies. 

The biggest flashes of scintillation the diamond being, eye clean, and no yellow tint are the most important factors for us. The extra $1,500 doesn't push our budget to an uncomfortable place. 



195377-HEARTS-01.JPG.90ddcf0cbbb5074fcaf1f18afba2eb84.JPG .


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This is a difficult question, and it really does depend on what you privilege and why. On paper, I'd say go for the D and save yourself $1,500. In reality... well, that's the problem: in reality for some people the extra precision in the cut will be apparent, the slightly larger diameter coupled with the cut may make the F look quite a bit larger, and they will not mind spending the extra money.

I would suggest that you order the D, look at it and see the extent to which it is eye-clean for you and the extent to which the slightly asymmetrical pattern bothers you (or it doesn't). If either isn't totally satisfactory, then call Brian.

Davide - Specialised Consumer Information and Assistance,
Diamonds by Lauren (

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Just went to look at the BG stone and it is marked as sold.  If you bought it, congrats!, it looks like a great stone.  If you did not, then the D is a great stone too and my guess is that you won't have an issue with it.


Laurent George
Diamond Ideals
New York City



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