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Should I buy this diamond?? First time engagment ring buyer...

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I have never purchased an engagement ring before. My girlfriend wants a simple solitaire ring. Any adive/help would be greatly appreciated.

Local dealer offering this loose diamond set in a white gold solitaire setting. 6 prong

Universal Gemological Services

Report:62224106D Feb 16,2016

Measurements 6.91 - 6.88 x 4.30mm


Weight 1.27 ct.

Clarity SI3

Color G


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Universal Gemological Services is not a recognized lab therefore the paper is essentially useless.  Ask the jeweler to show you GIA graded diamonds, that way you will have a better idea of what you are actually looking at.


That was a little harsh.  Indeed, as Neil points out below,  UGS is a division of EGL but that hardly makes it much more reliable.  The EGL grades more leniently than the GIA and therefore the stones with such documents are priced cheaper than GIA or AGS stones.  If the grading report is not reliable, then what use is it?

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