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Engagement ring at bulgari


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I got my engagement ring on September. My  fiance bought my ring in Bulgari at Panama because he want to make sure that he was buying a real diamond, the thing is he did not received the GIA only the Bulgari certificate. we have spoken to the store but they say they don't have it there, and they can not obtain another GIA certificate. We are waiting for them to check the security cameras so they can be sure what happened.

If someone knows what else can i do, please let me know.

Best regards,

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Yes, they can. GIA will issue a new one if you ask (and pay them).  You'll need to send the stone unmounted to  either their California or New York lab, wait, and then reset it.  It seems fair for the jeweler to pay for this but, of course, they need to agree.  I can certainly see why they don't WANT to do it, but it's not correct to say they can't.  

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@Ari - as Neil said, it's not correct to say they "can't" - it will be expensive for them (and possibly for you if you don't live in Panama), but GIA will re-issue a report for a fee, and if they cannot find the original report they will simply re-grade the diamond for a slightly higher fee. I don't understand what security cameras have got to do with it; if there was any security breach, what would have disappeared is the diamond, not the paper!

@poppyseed - we don't know what type of diamond report was issued (or even IF there was one), so your plug-in for your marketing associate blog is a bit premature and in any case irrelevant: the issue is not (yet) whether the diamond corresponds to the report; the report is missing in the first place.

I did love this phrase from the site you linked though - it says all one needs to know about the spirit of the blog:


What is the best magnification to view a diamond inscription?

Based on the magnification of the viewer we sell (see below) the magnification is 20x.

(my emphasis)

Fantastic. Never mind whether a 30x (or even a plain old 10x) is actually better, but since we have 20x to sell, then that's best.

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Sometimes, with Luxury houses such as Bvlgari, depending on the size of the diamond they provide an in house certificate instead.  Some of the Bvlgari ring designs can also be more about the design,  and made up of a lot of small diamonds, these items can come with a certificate of authenticity instead. 

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